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05/08/22 - Off Peterson Rd. near Mundelein, IL

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you had a great one be it Mother or Child!

This was my first time out all year. Surprisingly apart from being super windy, everything went smoothly. It was a pretty overcast day, but this little tuft of grass across from a trucking company caught my eye. I was a few feet off the road on a hill painting this. Got called away to deliver lunch to the floral department (my Mom's gift for having to work on her special day). I tinkered with it a little back at the house. All in all a fun way to start the day and way better than yet another day in front of the tube! So hopefully the first of many now that the weather is improving. As always, thanks for looking and bearing with my on my extended absence...

Gouache on paper approximately 10" x 6.25"


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