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11-13-22 -- Wires

I've been thinking about painting this for a while now. Had a super early start this morning, so I finally had a chance to sit with it. Managed to finish as the sunrise began to pour in through the windows. It was a nice quiet moment.

This arrangement hit me as odd, almost a self portrait really. When I noticed it, I was struck by the fact that I never got around to hiding the wires. For a little back story, the tv was a purchase from Offer Up... At the time, I was so interested in making sure it worked, that I simply never got around to cleaning up! This was right after lock-down, so it's been a minute ha! Anyway, the more I looked, the more I liked the soft sweeping quality of the wires against the hard edged flat-pack furniture. I found it interesting how the big shapes broke up the picture plane I had in my mind. Even the shadows felt important, they repeated the forms and almost acted like a gentle echo. I've probably lost you by now... But I dig it! Hope you will too. Until next time, thanks for looking!

Oil on panel - 8" x 6"


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