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Figure Painting Pose 2

This was a 3 day pose. It was nice to have so much time with a model! Of course there's always the wish I had one more day thinking... I tackled a lot on the third session. But here are the stages for your enjoyment.

This is in a slide show, just click left or right to pan between days. Working mostly with the Zorn Palette. I added a little burnt umber and a burnt sienna for a couple spots.

Day one - Just laying in the basic shapes. It was tough to get a shot with out too much glare.

Day 2 - A little more refinement.

Day 3 - A look all over. The local color of the shirt was tough to say much with, so I took a few liberties for the sake of form. I haven't decided if I want to glaze back into it to knock it down a bit in value. Hopefully doing so, the color and temperature would still show through.

Would have been nice to have one more day. I didn't really have a plan from the beginning... just sort of let this one come together on it's own.

Next time I'll do a few thumbnails first. That will be another one day pose! I can already feel the frenzy!


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