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07/01/2021 - Wheeling Rock Plant

I think I had drawn this one up before the rain last week? Either way, it became completely overcast while I was working. Sounds strange, but I really just lost the idea. Yesterday was so nice, that I decided to try again around sunset.. There was a lot more warmth about the structure. This one really forced me to try some new things. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process!

Gouache on paper - 7.25" x 10"

While your here I had taken a process shot... always fun to see what happens afterwards. You can also see a little of my paint box too, I replaced the Cotman watercolor kit with gouache. It comes apart to make an extra mixing area too. I hadn't added any white yet in this shot, usually just use that at the end.

Thanks for looking. Enjoy the long weekend!


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