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8-13-21 - Ray Lake Forest Preserve

Managed to sneak a painting in before work today. I was setup before 7 and ready to go. The sky lightened and grayed as the sun rose. I chased it at times. There was some really intriguing colors, I did my best to capture the mood.

When I got to work the power was out! We were trying to figure out how to work under the emergency lights when it came back on. Only about half an hour lost... Ha! If that's all Friday the 13th had for us... Now, now. I don't want to get too carried away and press my luck.

Ray Lake - 9.75" x 5"

Gouache on paper

Just for good measure a shot of my view and setup part way through. I've really enjoyed this cigar box pochade... It's an almost unaltered Acid brand box. If anybody should be interested, I've stashed a few away.


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