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A New Beginning Again...

A Different Light-1 - Oil on Panel - 5" x 7"

I posted this painting a number of years ago when I began my second painting blog. It went relatively unnoticed at the time. But, I decided to pull it back out again today. Pick up my third blog again with a first of sorts...

This year has been full of frustrations and quite a few changes. As some of you may have gleaned, I went back to school again after about 15 years or so away. Hit a plateau or what ever you want to call it. I needed to break some bad habits in a few of areas in my life. If I can't work much, I had to find away to stay busy! It has been a struggle. Really though, the further I get, the more I feel like it was necessary one.

With out getting into details, I can't work as much as I used to. Accepting I have new limits is still a tough pill to swallow. Anyway, I've started making some changes around here. Updating the studio, and my workspace in the garage for my other projects. It isn't done yet, but it already feels good! Everything needed a facelift and a reduction of clutter.

I'm not putting time limits on myself for projects just yet as time is tight. But I should have some updates in the coming weeks and during winter break. This fall snuck up on me as I'm sure it did for many of you in the Mid-West!

If you are in the Buffalo, NY Area, I have several small works in an appropriately named show. The links are below. It's the first time I've shown out of the Chicago area in a number of years. The show is called Small Works 2019 and opens December 7th. I'd love to hear your feedback as I will not be able to attend.


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