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Buffalo Creek Bridge Study

Well this one almost never happened. I went by this spot early in the day and was unhappy with the light... So I started scouting out new places to paint waaay north. It started pouring so I headed back home. By the time I got back the rain had cleared, but I was exhausted!

Came in had a couple cups of coffee, and forced myself out the door to check on it again. I liked the light, and there wasn't too much standing water. So I set up and painted...

Getting everything back to the car in the wind was tricky, but I made it. Proceeded to tuck the painting away safely and got in the car... I reached back for a paper towel for one last wipe of the hands. Turned out they blew out of the car! A whole brand new roll was flowing across the parking lot. In a huff I managed to bundle them all back up... So now I'll be using the bundle around the studio... It's always and experience dealing with nature.


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